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“Procrastination is the thief of time.”

The number of memories one can make in a lifetime is infinite. Even a young child, whose life at that point is short compared to an adult, has millions of moments stored in a memory bank that is seemingly full. And yet, as time goes on, that memory bank expands to make room for more. It is an endless vault with no end. But time…time is very finite. We only get a certain amount of time on this earth to leave our mark, to love…to live. How we choose to live…how we choose to spend our time…is really the culmination of everything in our lives. Do we spend that precious time in our jobs and careers? With family? With not one person but many different people who go in and out of our lives over the years? That is a personal choice…one that every single person makes. I truly believe that you can always tell what is important to someone by how they spend their time. If money makes them happy, then you might find that person doing everything they can to further their career, or choosing the path that will give them the opportunity to fill their life with all of the physical things they deem to be important. If being with people they love is important, then you will find those people filling their memory bank by spending as much time as they can with family and friends.

As we are on this journey of life, possibly the biggest hurdle we will ever face is fear. From a biological standpoint, fear can be useful: it keeps us from walking too close to the edge of a steep cliff; it gives us the “fight or flight” response when faced with immediate danger. Back in time, it kept our ancestors alive because they knew that the sound of rustling leaves could really be a bear, or another predator. But fear is the most powerful of all human emotions. Fear is what dictates most, if not all, of the decisions that we make. People thrive on routine. We love the comfort we get in just knowing what life will be like if we don’t change anything. Even people in abusive situations will stay, because that is what they know. We want a crystal ball to tell us our future. Am I making the right decision? Should I stay in this job, or find another one? If I take this chance, will it make me happy? I don’t know what will happen if I choose this way over that way, but I know exactly what my life will look like if I remain complacent. Predictability is great, if you are already happy and exactly where you want to be. But fear clouds our judgment. Deep down, we know what we want to change. Fear is what holds us back. And the sad reality is that nothing will ever change in your life unless you make the decision to change it.

If you can recognize that time is the most valuable thing that you have…then why aren’t you willing to do the things that will make you happy? Why aren’t you willing to do whatever it takes to fill your time with love, with new experiences, with memories, with everything that you believe in, with everything you want out of this life? We only get one life. We only get one timeline. Only one. There is no promise or hope of heaven. This is it. So how are you going to spend your time? Who are you going to fill your memory bank with? What experiences are you missing out on because you’re letting fear dictate your life?

Go.  Live.  Spend time with people that you love.  Let go of the people who don’t add meaning to your life.  Go after that job promotion.  Or quit!  Take a chance.  Be happy…because it is your life…your time.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” ~Abraham Lincoln