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Duped by Faith

Dupe:  to deceive, trick, hoodwink, hoax, swindle, defraud, cheat, double-cross, and mislead.

Have you been duped?

Maybe you’re like me, and used to believe in an all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful God, who had your best interests at heart, who knew you better than you knew yourself, who even knew the number of hairs on your head.  Perhaps you trusted this all-everything God with your life, your money, your energy, your time, and you really, truly believed with all of your heart that you were doing all of this because Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.


The actual truth is not Jesus.  The truth is: we’ve all been duped.  Someone has been putting poop in our soup.  We were deceived; we were tricked.  Christianity is a huge, elaborate hoax.  The bible is the most popular book ever written, but it is a book of fairy tales and stories.  We have been mislead to believe something hugely impossible:  God created everything (where did God come from?) and knew that we would “fail” (why did he allow that?) because a girl listened to a talking snake (since when do snakes talk?), and therefore, he had to send his “son” (himself) to earth to die for us (why?) to sacrifice himself…to himself…to make up for the sins of the world (that he created), and then after this God-forsaken life, we get to have another one.  Except in that life, it will be perfect.  No disease, no drama, no worries.  It will kind of be like everyone is high or drunk, except instead of being intoxicated on something amazing, we’ll be high on Jesus.

Raise your hand if you want to be high on Jesus!

No takers?  Good choice.

(Side note:  did anyone ever think about how sucky heaven must be if there is no sex there?  Or alcohol?  Or karaoke?  Or movies?  Or anything fun?  Supposedly, we will be so content with being in the presence of God that we won’t need sex.  Seriously, come on.  All our lives, we look for our best friend…the perfect mate that we want to spend our lives with.  And then God rips them away from us and says, “this partner was great for you on earth, but in heaven you won’t need each other.  Oh, and you won’t be having sex anymore, either.”  Did anyone else ever want to say, “Well fuck that!”)

Everything in the bible—from the very beginning, and the story of Adam and Eve, to the very end and some crazy guy’s dream that became the book of Revelation—is false.  They are stories.  The idea of a virgin birth was not an original story to the bible…in fact, many other gods in the past were supposedly born of a virgin.  We celebrate Christmas on December 25th because that is close to a pagan holiday to celebrate the winter solstice.  (We stole Christmas Trees from the pagans, too).  Did God REALLY flood the whole earth?  Actually, there is zero physical evidence that that happened.  None whatsoever!  How did Adam and Eve live to be hundreds of years old?  Did the laws of nature change between then and now?

We have all been asked to believe in something that doesn’t make sense.  We were asked to ignore all of the things that should have sent up little red flags that said, “this isn’t right!”  We were asked to have faith and believe in a God in which there is zero supporting evidence for.  We were taught to hate ourselves for having doubt.  We were taught to behave like children and sheep:  follow the way of our leader without asking questions.  Obey or else.

Jesus is not the light…he is the reason people put blinders over their eyes and can’t see the poop they’re eating.   Jesus is not freedom…he is the reason wars are fought, why we are prisoners in our own minds because we’re afraid of what will happen to us if we believe something different than the church (or have doubts, or questions).  Jesus is not the way to heaven…he is the lie that we tell ourselves when we hate our lives and wish for something better but refuse to do anything about it, because “someday in heaven, things will be better.”  (But no it won’t…no sex there, remember?!)

We have all been duped.  But the good news is:  we don’t have to be in our religious chains anymore.  We can ask questions, and be free!  We can learn about topics like evolution, science, the universe, and best of all, ourselves!  And our consequence will be knowledge and true freedom, not fear.