God Is The Invisible Parking Attendant

I was once a selfish Christian and used to believe that if I prayed, God would help me find great parking spots during any shopping adventure.  Somehow coincidences when beneficial to us are always a result of God positively intervening in our lives.  God somehow is able to lose his mysterious cloak of invisibility and show himself to us when good things happen to us.

This Cloak of Invisibility is not real.  Unless you want to send me a million dollars and then I will send you a real one.  Just have faith in me.

This Cloak of Invisibility is not real. Unless you want to send me a million dollars and then I will send you a real one. Just have faith in me.

When things go bad in our lives and in the world around us…we are too stupid to understand because God works in mysterious ways.

Sheep...I mean humans are too stupid to understand God.

Sheep…I mean humans are too stupid to understand God

Out of all the billions of people on this planet…God is worried about me parking too far from the mall entrance.  Better yet, the universe is so vast, but somehow the powerful creator is worried about our little place in the universe.  Give me a break.

People have prayed and will continue to pray for a cure for cancer, blindness, Alzheimer’s disease, world peace, and other illnesses, but has God answered those prayers?  No.

Hey! God does help us find the best parking spot during His commercial winter holiday.  God is great like that.

Thankfully, there are times when by pure coincidence and medicine…we do find cures.  We (people) find cures and solutions to problems because we are a curious species and are typically motivated to improve the world we live in.  We all have an internal sense of compassion, kindness, and love towards one another.  These qualities are not the result of a particular religion or imaginary God.  All religions make claims of miracles, morality, and answered prayers from their God.  If all religions can make these claims…then whose religion or fake God is right?  Positive and negative coincidences happen in this world.

God didn’t cure cancer…end poverty…heal all blindness…bring peace to the world…but hey…He helps us to find the best parking spot during triple coupon day at the grocery store.  My God is great.

The troubles of the world are blamed on Satan.  Satan somehow is not mysterious.  Satan takes ownership of evil and wears it like a badge of honor and accomplishment.  Satan is a powerful enemy and is constantly devising plans to bring havoc into the world.  Sometimes it appears that Satan is more powerful than God because of all the bad news around the world.  Satan is kicking God’s butt these days.  I thought God was all powerful, all knowing, and present everywhere.  Perhaps Satan snuck up on God, and kicked his butt into submission.

Where did Satan come from?

Didn’t God create everything in the universe?

Why would God create Satan and give him so much power?  Perhaps God wanted to provide endless reality-like TV entertainment to those watching us poor humans from the imaginary land of heaven.  Sounds like an all-loving and all-powerful God to me.

The good news: God and Satan do not exist.

The definition of evil is ignorance.  Letting religion suffocate your mind, your thought process, logic, and your reasoning skills is pure evil.  The definition of sin is not taking your life into your own hands and wasting time on prayer, throwing money at religious institutions, and falsely hoping for a better life in an imaginary land.

Life is precious.

Life is short.

Make a positive difference in your community.

Be happy.

And remember, God doesn’t help you find good parking spots OR your lost car keys.

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