I’d Rather Pray To A Tree

When I was a Christian, I used to believe that prayer was a powerful tool or gift that God gave me to personally communicate with Him. Prayer was like being able to send God a personal text message anytime that I wanted, and because of my Christian ego…I actually believed that He listened to my concerns, wants, and needs.  It’s an embarrassing moment when you realize that you are not talking to God because He doesn’t exist, but in fact, you have been praying or talking to yourself.

All those hours spent talking to myself…what a waste of time.

All those hours spent thinking positive thoughts…sending out mental signals of hope to an imaginary entity in the universe…what a waste of time.

To think that the Creator of everything has the time, and is immensely concerned with the issues that I face each day is ridiculous.  Even worse, I actually believed He would bend natural laws and change His plans to my advantage.  Why?  Because Christians are chosen people, they are blessed, and their faith in God is something unbelievers just can’t possibly understand. The Creator of everything uses His magical powers to make this world better for all Christians until He calls His people to journey into His realm of fantasy called Heaven.

Praying for someone is not the same as actually helping someone.  If you believe it is, then you are living in a dream world, and not facing reality.  If you want to help someone, then find out what that person needs and use your skills, connections, time, and sometimes even money to help that person.

Pray to a cup of coffee, a pair of scissors, or a tree and you will get the same results as you would if you pray to God.  Meaning…positive and negative events are going to happen to you just by pure coincidence.  The world can be a difficult place to live in, and at the same time, our planet is a beautiful and an incredible display of evolution and nature.

Praying and worrying about things is the same thing to me.  Does worrying about something actually change anything?  No.  Getting up off of your butt and making things happen ultimately put the wheels of change and improvement into motion.

Hundreds, thousands, and millions of prayers are offered up to God by devoted, faithful, loving, tithing, and sincere Christians, and are met with a deaf ear, and result in unanswered prayers.  Christians have built-in excuses for almost every unanswered prayer, such as:

  • It must be God’s will.
  • I didn’t pray the correct way.
  • My heart must not have been sincere.
  • I probably have unconfessed and unrepented sin that I have to deal with first.
  • Things will happen in God’s time and not my time…meaning have patience.
  • My prayers may be too selfish for God to hear or want to help.

The list goes on and on.

Why pray when God is going to do whatever He wants to do anyway?  After all, it’s God’s will, right?  Christians will tell you that praying to God helps them to maintain a personal relationship with God.  The more they pray, the more they can discover God’s will for them.

Wait!  I thought God works in ways that no one could possibly understand…especially His beloved Christians. So how can Christians have any idea what God is up to these days?

Apparently if things turn out the way you want, you say it was because you prayed for it, and the positive outcome was not by pure chance or coincidence, but by God’s grace, and power.   The positive result had to come from God because remember, Christians are holy and blessed, and God rewards his chosen people.  Even if it takes 15 years for God to answer a prayer, Christians will rationalize His delayed response by stating that God only answers prayers in His time, and we are too stupid to understand His reasons for doing anything.  When a negative outcome arises from an event that is being prayed for, it must mean God is back to His ole’ mysterious ways, and humans simply cannot understand His reasoning.  Somehow God conveniently slips back into being mysterious when it threatens his allegedly all-loving nature, and definitely His existence.


Praying to this tree is better than praying to God. Why? Because this tree is real. I can actually see and touch this tree.

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